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Major Upset: Djokovic Falls To Nardi

Luca Nardi, the little known Italian Lucky Loser, created one of the upsets of the year as he defeated world no.1 Novak Djokovic 64 36 63. The 20 year old ranked 123 seemed to have too much firepower for the usually reliable Djokovic defense system but it can be said the Serbian superstar is not […] Continue to read full article...

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Former AO Champ Johan Kriek Salutes Djokovic

Former two-time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek is very impressed by what Novak Djokovic accomplished in 2022, both on and off the court… “Well done Novak! You showed what a tennis player with a backbone looks like! You are the one! What can the world say now? You were right, the ‘death shot’ was not […] Continue to read full article...

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Johan Kriek Awed By Alcaraz

Former two-time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek has seen enough evidence to declare 18 year old Carlos Alcaraz is on his way to the top of tennis… “Watching Alcaraz “coming of age” against a Tsitsipas at the Miami Open reminded me of my era too…” “In 1985 I played Boris Becker for the first time […] Continue to read full article...

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While most all the other voices of professional tennis seemingly wait and hide their opinions and thoughts about the Novak Djokovic vs Australia stand-off currently in progress, the two-time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek has shared his thoughts… A lot to unpack here… bear with me. As a two time Australian Open champion, born in […] Continue to read full article...

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The Unexpected Win Syndrome

We touched on this topic in the past, when an out of form, low on confidence player suddenly and unexpectedly sparks him or herself into a surprise victory, such as Agassi at Wimbledon, Goran at Wimbledon, Karatsev’s semi at AO for just three examples. Well here’s another example of the “Unexpected Win Syndrome”, from Johan […] Continue to read full article...

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Tennis Great “Jailed” by Facebook

Two-time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek was sent to “jail” for a week by Facebook, showing American social media giants do no tolerate differing political opinions nor do they respect the constitutional right to freedom of speech by American citizens. “I was in Fakebook jail for a week for posting a video…… I don’t think […] Continue to read full article...

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Facing Greatness: Johan Kriek

The fourth edition of the new “Facing Greatness” series is with former two-time Australian Open champion (1981, 1982) Johan Kriek who reveals which two matches were the two best performances ever played against him on a tennis court, during his ATP career which spanned from 1978 to 1994 and included 14 singles titles, a Roland […] Continue to read full article...

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Johan Kriek Blasts LeBron James

Hey LeBron! You asked the wrong question! It’s a ridiculous suggestion that “Why does America hate “us” … I assume you mean black America… what utter nonsense man….If America hated you you won’t have the life you have which very few people in this world will ever come close to experience! And I am a […] Continue to read full article...




Johan Kriek Should Be Consulting ATP and WTA Players!

With playing experience and coaching acumen, former two time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek should be consulting ATP and WTA players. Just read this flurry of tennis wisdom below by Kriek, who operates a junior academy in Palm Beach, FL It is kinda rare to have a person like Roger Federer come along once in our tennis lifetime who has so many tools to draw from..... Continue to read full article...



Classic Biofile with Johan Kriek

"I have played some unbelievable matches at the U.S. Open. Borg. I lost to Agassi one year on Armstrong after I wanted to beat the pants off him. And I beat him the following year badly in Memphis. I had some tough matches on court that I won - Fibak. I had eight match points against me against Roscoe Tanner one year. And I beat him in five sets. That was a strange match. Funny enough, there was an article written about the no-name players that made a huge impact at the U.S. Open. The guy wrote an article - I wish - I think I still have it - but the guy wrote it in the Wall Street Journal, just as an editorial, on a match that left him completely drained of emotion - was me and Roscoe. He was telling how I was the fiery one, fighting hard and bleeding everywhere, diving for balls. And Roscoe had eight match points and lost. And it was really cool to see a guy write about it. And it was for me, one of the most emotional matches of my life, playing him. Because I should have never won but I won." Continue to read full article...

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