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Tennis Great “Jailed” by Facebook

Two-time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek was sent to “jail” for a week by Facebook, showing American social media giants do no tolerate differing political opinions nor do they respect the constitutional right to freedom of speech by American citizens.

“I was in Fakebook jail for a week for posting a video…… I don’t think I can say here what I truly feel about This Fakebook ‘community standards'” said Kriek in a Facebook post earlier today.

Kriek is a devout supporter and admirer of the United States President Donald Trump and until now has not been afraid to announce his opinions and support. Trump was recently permanently banned by Twitter and Facebook, while many communist world leaders were not.

“I heard President Trump is back on Fakebook and Twitter. Wonder why? Washington DC is looking like it is getting ready for World War 3 (because of the presence of over 20,000 armed military soldiers, apparently requested by President Trump). Wonder why? This security with National Guard troops with checkpoints we have never seen before….For a ‘virtual inauguration’ I guess….Or is there a completely different situation coming?”

Kriek’s friends expressed their support…

Michael Wolfson: Good to have you back Johan … I had a feeling you were serving time. I think inmates in federal prison have more freedom of speech than those posting on Facebook.

Dudley Steenkamp: I have heard leftists calling Donald Trump a dictator…often… but dictators cannot be silenced. The people who are silencing Donald Trump and other conservatives are the REAL dictators. Leftists simply cannot see their own tyranny.

Chuck Dee: Yes and welcome back Johan. They are banning us from starting and posting in groups and events on facebook to ensure that no more than 5000 of us can communicate at one time. Also many people are being temporarily banned till after the inauguration to shut them up. When Biden’s new fake government declares Trump supporters domestic terrorists then things will get worse. We will be subject to arrest for stating our opinion anywhere. That is what is coming…. Any violence on inauguration day will be committed by antifa and blm and blamed on Trump and his supporters. It will be an excuse for impeachment to continue and Trump supporters to be labeled domestic terrorists subject to arrest for stating their views.

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  • Doug Day · January 17, 2021 at 8:44 am

    debate,dissent destroys leftism.
    Passion cant compete in the marketplace of ideas.

  • Scoop Malinowski · January 17, 2021 at 4:48 pm

    Doug, they lost control of the narratives, the world is awake. And they can’t handle the truth. Kriek is a hero for having the guts to speak up, brave man. The vicious intolerant left has silenced and intimidated other Trump supporters like Isner, Harrison, T Austin, it’s shocking the left has destroyed freedom of speech and the right to an opinion.



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