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Dan’s Press Conference Question To Roger Federer

Dan has asked Roger Federer many questions over the years at pro tennis press conferences, provoking responses that have run the gamut to warm to cool, but his question after the Medvedev match at Miami Open was one of the best responses he's ever collected. Q. You used that chip forehand slice approach a number of times today, and the backhand seemed to have a tough time. These guys who are 6'4", 6'5" and taller, do you find you personally are using those chip and slice shots more to give them trouble? Continue to read full article...

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Was the former ATP #1 ranked player and Australian Open finalist Marcelo Rios a "Great Player"? Continue to read full article...



Sunday Match of the Day, Dolgopolov vs. Stan

Sunday's Match of the Day is a tip to Scoop and his fondness for Dolgopolov. Mr. Alexandr plays the suddenly-hot Stanislav Wawrinka in a third round match. Remember what is at stake. If you choose the correct winner of each Match of the Day–and you skip one, so for those out you who want to enter with the Dolgo-Wawa match, just post your pick–you win “Break Point” and "Marcelo Rios–The Man We Barely Knew.” Continue to read full article...

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Why didn't Vince beat Rios when he handled Kafelnikov three times? (I'm only writing this because Michael asked me to write more on Vince and less on Fed and the Joker). According to Vince, Rios played the same exact game he did, only a little better. He was faster, had a better forehand and serve. He said you could look at Rios's career exactly the way you look at his career. Did Rios over-achieve or under-achieve? Continue to read full article...



Memphis Racquet Club: Being There

By Amanda H. LeMay For anyone looking to attend a professional tennis tournament the Racquet Club in Memphis is actually a great facility for seeing not only good matches but also for seeing players around the site. The player fitness facility is below a glassed in walk-through so that anyone passing by can look down to see which players are working out. It is a safe bet that you can see anyone with a upcoming match about 30-45 minutes before match time. Continue to read full article...

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Does Djokovic feel the pressure?

By Dan Markowitz This was a statement made by a reader on the site about today's semi-finals between Djokovic and Federer. "Fed will get Joker in the semis, no one beats Fed twice and not feel the pressure the third time." Actually, Djoko has beaten Fed in their three outdoor hardcourt meetings and has won their last five sets. Continue to read full article...



ESPN2 Goes Dead

ESPN2 is in the midst of showing taped blowout wins by Serena and Nadal. Obviously they want to show big names, but can't they do better than that with several interesting matches in progress? Continue to read full article...

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