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Is There Something Off With Reilly Opelka?

reillyopelka's profile picture   Reilly Opelka, the 21-year-old, near 7-foot giant out of the Midwest originally, has had a very nice ride on the ATP Tour over the last few years. Three years ago this week, Opelka was ranked no. 894 and now he sits at near his career-peak of no. 56 at no. 59. Twice this year, Opelka has beat the top American giant, no. 9 John Isner. Continue to read full article...




Who Are The Most Annoying Players?

By Dan Markowitz My first nominee for "The most Annoying Player" is Caroline Wozniaki aka The Woz. I don't know, I just find her tremendously annoying. Maybe I could come up with a better description for her? When she came on the scene she seemed to be cool, and there's still a cool part about her, I mean she's got an apartment in NYC, her fiancee is David Lee. That's kind of cool. She looks great in a bikini. Still, why do I find her so...annoying? Continue to read full article...

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Dan’s Press Conference Question To Roger Federer

Dan has asked Roger Federer many questions over the years at pro tennis press conferences, provoking responses that have run the gamut to warm to cool, but his question after the Medvedev match at Miami Open was one of the best responses he's ever collected. Q. You used that chip forehand slice approach a number of times today, and the backhand seemed to have a tough time. These guys who are 6'4", 6'5" and taller, do you find you personally are using those chip and slice shots more to give them trouble? Continue to read full article...

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Federer’s Pitch Perfect Match

Under the sign in the Hard Rock Stadium here in Miami referring to the Miami Dolphins: "Super Bowl 1972 Perfect Season Team 17-0" at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Roger Federer played the near perfect match yesterday in advancing to the Miami Open quarterfinals with a 6-4, 6-2, 61-minute trouncing of Danil Medvedev, the Russian 13th seed. Continue to read full article...

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The Great Black Hope

By Dan Markowitz This long fallow period has seen the likes of Mala Vai Washington, James Blake, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Gael Monfils and Donald Young all try and fail to be the next Black Hope, but even with more male black players in the game than there was in Ashe and Noah's eras, not one black male player has risen to the top and stayed there for very long. Continue to read full article...

This doesn't happen in other sports, a movie about a dad who did the unthinkable, a tennis novice who schools his two black daughters on public courts in the shadow of Los Angeles, to become two of the greatest champions in the sport. Continue to read full article...


FedererI'm still digesting Fed's switch to Uniqlo. Now, on a purely financial basis, the switch from Nike to Uniqlo was a no-brainer. Federer was reportedly making $10 million a year with Nike and now $23 million for the next ten years with Uniqlo. Eagle-eyed observers spotted that although he had a Uniqlo headband, t-shirt, tracksuit top, shorts and socks, Federer was still wearing Nike tennis shoes, with the London skyline stitched in gold and the number 8 - representing his eight Wimbledon titles. Continue to read full article...

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Look Who’s Back–Ernie!!

Ernests_Gulbis_01 For some reason, Ernests Gulbis reminds me of Jack Nicholson. And now like Jack in "The Shining" Gulbis has re-re-appeared again. It's amazing. I thought Gulbis was like 33 until I looked it up and he's only 29. And like a fine wine, Ernie G seems miraculously to be aging well. This week in the Bordeaux Challenger, Ernie has somehow played himself into the semifinals where he'll play today, the American Giant Redux, Reilly Opelka. Continue to read full article...



Sock Could Be Worst Top 10 Player Ever

sockJack Sock, the world #9, got destroyed by world #65, Peter Gojowczyk, yesterday in Auckland, 6-3, 6-3. The American who won the Paris Masters late last year and qualified for the London Masters event as one of the top 8 players still standing, put in a desultory performance against the German, who at 28 is right around his career-high ranking he achieved late last year. Sock who beat the Russian young gun, Karen Khachanov, last week at the Hopman's Cup before suffering a hip injury against Yugita Sugita in the following match which he retired in, looked about as bad as Sock has looked on a tennis court in the past couple of years. Continue to read full article...

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1916638_10206796116074740_2146710316373891023_nI drove my son out for a 7:30 pm match at the historic West Orange, New Jersey Racquet Club and it took me 2.5 hours as I left at 5 pm. Anyone who travels on the New Jersey Turnpike on a Friday night at rush hour is nuts, and I am in that group. Oh my God, the trucks, the traffic, I was completely frazzled by the time I reached the club. They had a great color photo behind the club's desk of Connors, Borg, Fleming, Vilas and many more when they played an event here I guess in the 70's. Continue to read full article...

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