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Former AO Champ Johan Kriek Salutes Djokovic

Former two-time Australian Open champion Johan Kriek is very impressed by what Novak Djokovic accomplished in 2022, both on and off the court…

“Well done Novak! You showed what a tennis player with a backbone looks like! You are the one! What can the world say now? You were right, the ‘death shot’ was not for you. You stuck to your guns and now the world sees you are the best tennis player on the planet, by a country mile! The generation coming up has a long way to go. What will Australia and the US government do next year? Let you in or keep their idiotic ‘rules’ in place? Keep winning majors so that record is undisputed… doubt you will be the GOAT! Haters will hate. Tell them to kiss your “dupa!” Well done!” – Johan Kriek

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  • Nicole · December 8, 2022 at 3:25 am

    Hear hear.



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