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The “TV Coach”

A former two-time Grand Slam champion has created a new tennis term for the lexicon… Why don’t “mules” win any horse races? My take as it relates to tennis. I find it quite fascinating over the past decades to see how a handful of coaches have become “super coaches” on TV and it perpetuates itself […] Continue to read full article...




Another Cool Bjorn Borg Story

From Paul O’Malley… “A tennis friend of mine told me the story of a tennis couple from Quincy, MA was at Longwood and watched Bjorn Borg play. The wife was from Sweden and she approached Borg after the match, which you could easily do in those days. She convinced him to come back to the […] Continue to read full article...

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Major Tournament on Longboat Key Next Week

Next week I’m playing a national ITF USTA tennis tournament in Longboat Key Florida where there are some notable entrants. One player coached President Jimmy Carter in tennis at the White House and Camp David. Ken Fugate, he was also President Carter helicopter pilot. Another won nine grand slam doubles titles. Rick Leach. Paul Thomas […] Continue to read full article...




Surreal Thrill: Borg Connors Talking Tennis Podcast

Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors conversation on Jimmy’s “Advantage Connors” podcast was a surreal thrill to listen to. Here are some of the highlights… Borg: Because of us they built the bigger stadiums and the big sponsors came in. The players of today come up to me and say thank you what you did to […] Continue to read full article...




Players Who Retire But Then Unretire

Xavier Malisse retired from tennis in 2013 after a 16 year career but got the itch to compete again last year at Antwerp doubles with the player he coached Lloyd Harris and reached the semis in the doubles draw. 42 year old Malisse is playing Antwerp doubles again this year with Diego Schwartzman and they […] Continue to read full article...

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Leo Borg Progress Update

By Scoop Malinowski Leo Borg, the son of the all time tennis icon Bjorn Borg, has been making progress in his ATP tennis career. The 19 year old is currently ranked 760 in the world. Borg last week played Bastad, Sweden ATP qualies as a wildcard and lost to Marc Andrea Huesler 61 61. This […] Continue to read full article...

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Should I Do A Bollettieri Academy Book?

By Scoop Malinowski I have considered it for years because so many various people associated with Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy have told me so many stories which I find fascinating and colorful. The “Love Means Zero” doumentary film was very good but it didn’t capture the essence of this historic landmark world renowned chunk of […] Continue to read full article...

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Is Cockiness An Important Quality For Tennis Success?

By Scoop Malinowski A former ATP champion made a very interesting comment during a recent conversation… “You know what is also funny, how many players were sooooo cocky when they were playing and changed completely when they retired…Olivier Delaitre, Petr Korda, Carl-Uwe Steeb to name a few. They would only say hi to and talk […] Continue to read full article...

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Michael Olajide boxed professionally from 1981-1991. The Canadian from Vancouver, who later relocated to New York City, became a top middleweight contender and fought for the world title twice, both times losing decisions to Frank Tate at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 1987, and to Thomas “Hitman” Hearns in 1991 at the Trump Taj […] Continue to read full article...

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Off Season News

Today, Su-Wei Hsieh announced on Instagram that she is cleaning her trophies. To which Daniela Hantuchova commented, “Can you please come do mine as well?” Su-Wei replied: “Will need to send a big bus of cleaning team to you.” To which Hantuchova responded: “ahahahahaa no noooo my list is very little compared to your’s.” For […] Continue to read full article...

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