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In her new book “All In”, Billie Jean King claims Arthur Ashe reversed his stance on equal pay for men and women after he had a daughter (adopted daughter Camera born in 1986). Ashe was vehemently against equal pay for men and women tennis players, as he made abundantly clear in a 1980 interview on […] Continue to read full article...

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Biofile: Billie Jean King Interview

Status:  Hall of Fame tennis legend.  DOB:  November 22, 1943  In: Long Beach, CA   First Tennis Memory:  “My. That’s one of my questions. When I’m coaching. That’s fantastic. Wow. That’s great. That’s really nice. That’s the first time somebody’s asked me that. Thanks. My first memory in tennis…well, I’ll tell you how I got in tennis. Susan Williams, in […] Continue to read full article...


anaivOne of my favorite old re-runs is the Dick Cavett Show on Decades Network. The witty Nebraskan was a popular TV figure in the 70s with his own interview show. A couple of weeks ago I taped the two-segment show with Arthur Ashe as the guest and was quite startled to learn that Ashe completely disagreed with the equal prize money issue which was orchestrated by Billie Jean King. Continue to read full article...

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