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Hot Topic: Prize money distribution

As pro tennis sits in an ice bath, the hottest topic in the industry is prize money distribution and finding a way to help the struggling players who are being hurt the most by the current situation. Patrick Mouratoglou is a leading voice in trying to stimulate a discussion of the elite powers of tennis […] Continue to read full article...




Rafael Nadal vs Billie Jean King?

Rafael Nadal made a very provocative comment last week comparing the value of men's and women's tennis. Question: “In tennis, should women earn as much as men?” Rafael Nadal: “It’s a comparison we shouldn’t even make. Continue to read full article...


anaivOne of my favorite old re-runs is the Dick Cavett Show on Decades Network. The witty Nebraskan was a popular TV figure in the 70s with his own interview show. A couple of weeks ago I taped the two-segment show with Arthur Ashe as the guest and was quite startled to learn that Ashe completely disagreed with the equal prize money issue which was orchestrated by Billie Jean King. Continue to read full article...

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