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Pickleball leagues are the hot investment in sports today with John Isner, Kim Clijsters, Lebron James, Tom Brady, on board financing its growth and expansion in 2023. Meanwhile, Billie Jean King’s World Team Tennis appears to have run it’s course. WTT did not compete last year and there are no signs on the WTT web […] Continue to read full article...

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Tennis Coach Explains Concerns About Pickleball Growth

By Bunner Smith (Note: Bunner Smith is a longtime Florida tennis coach, former college player and opponent of Bjorn Borg at the Orange Bowl.) I’ve been watching a lot of Pickleball lately ( not so much that I search it out , but because it’s everywhere on the net ) It seems like almost every […] Continue to read full article...




Anheuser-Busch Invests In Pickleball

More evidence that Pickleball has become a more appealing, attractive sport for sponsors and advertisers. While political agendas and backstabbing media continue to attack Novak Djokovic, which damages and sabotages the overall image and integrity of tennis, Pickleball continues to grow, expand and prosper at the expense of tennis… Anheuser-Busch announces the purchase of a […] Continue to read full article...




Querrey To Challenge Pickleball Titans

Sam Querrey has announced he is going to challenge the best of the pickleball world in 2023. The former Wimbledon semifinalist and winner of ten ATP singles titles is training three times a week for his pickleball debut next year. He also says he’s already been playing the fast-growing sport for six years. The 35 […] Continue to read full article...




Clijsters Buys Major League Pickleball Team

Major League Pickleball announced today that Kim Clijsters is now a new team owner, joining Tom Brady. MLP said in September that NBA stars Lebron James, Kevin Love and Draymond Green have also purchased teams in the league. A MLP season recently concluded in Newport Beach and the next one is slated for Columbus, Ohio. […] Continue to read full article...

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Sam Querrey Challenges Pickleball Top Guns

Recently retired Sam Querrey has targeted his first new challenge after retiring from pro tennis at the US Open. “I know some tennis players have made the transition from tennis to pickleball, but you haven’t seen any guys who were top 50 in the world tennis players go over (to compete in Pickleball). And I […] Continue to read full article...

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