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Our Media Confrontations With Players

Confrontations between tennis pros and media like the recent Nadal vs Ubi tiff in Paris happen infrequently but they do happen. In an email discussion between myself, Dan and veteran scribe Richard Pagliaro and former tennis writer Dan Weil, we remembered a few chilly and heated moments with tennis players and also fellow reporters. Pagliaro […] Continue to read full article...



The Best Tickets In Tennis

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  Which players give tennis media the best value, best excitement, best action? I asked these tennis journalists in the Miami Open press box for their three best tickets in tennis? Ricky Dimon, The Grandstand: Depends on the setting. Nadal at French Open. I'm a Nadal guy. I like unpredictable guys, people that you don't know what you're gonna get, like Nick, Fognini. Younger guys like Felix, Tsitsi, Shap. Continue to read full article...

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