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Respect To The Man Who Never Wins

Everybody loves a winner, and to read about how they do it, to watch their execution of triumph, and to study and draw inspiration from their athletic and intellectual excellence. But let’s take time out to respect the loser. I know of one such player who always loses. I want to make this article a […] Continue to read full article...

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unnamed In the spring of 2000 Marat Safin was so frustrated he thought about quitting tennis - at the ripe old age of 20. But something happened, something clicked and Safin turned it all around. By the end of the summer he was the six seed at US Open and after the fortnight he was the US Open champion, fresh off a straight set destruction of Pete Sampras. Continue to read full article...

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Just One USTA Match Win In Five Years

images I wrote about a tennis player named Brian Healy last year, when he won his first USTA Eastern tournament match after going four and a half years of trying. Continue to read full article...

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