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Harry Cicma: First And Last Pro Matches

By Scoop Malinowski We resume the “First And Last Pro Matches” Feature with Former Rutgers University player Harry Cicma, who attained an ATP Tour World ranking on the professional circuit before becoming a Emmy Award winning TV news anchor and reporter for NBC and CBS. First Pro Match: It was truly a dream come true […] Continue to read full article...

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Tennis “Friend” Matthew Perry Dies

Famous actor Matthew Perry was a ranked junior tennis player in Canada and also a friend of former WTA no. 1 Jennifer Capriati. Denise Capriati, the mother of Jennifer, shared some of her memories of Perry, who passed away yesterday at age 54 at his home in Los Angeles, CA. “Heartbreaking news. Matthew Perry died […] Continue to read full article...

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Bud Collins Biofile Interview

Why Do You Love Tennis: "As a kid, I loved hearing the balls hit the racquet. The tennis courts by my home - that would be my wake-up call. And then, finally, I got to play. It was just a nice feeling to be out there running, to be hitting the ball. To be getting better. And being able to play almost anywhere I went." Continue to read full article...

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