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Who is worth a bet in the US Open 2023 Men’s Final?

With the finale of the US Open 2023 drawing nearer, we are closing in on who could be the Men’s winner for the 143rd edition of the men’s singles. Counting as the last tennis grand slam encounter for this year, there is plenty at stake for the infamous players that will be taking up the Open’s finals. The world number one is up for grabs, and there are just a handful of points that separate the winner from second place. There has never been a better time to place your bets upon a player than in the semi-final or final of a huge grand slam game. Bets are high, odds are in, and the payouts are huge; so, choosing the perfect person to play out lady luck is exactly what you need to do to win big in sports.

Will it be the current number 1 in the world, Carlos Alcaraz? Or will it be the ever-loved Novak Djokovic? We will be diving into the history of who is currently at the top spot, and who could potentially nip the place from under their feet. There are contenders who are facing their first ever Grand Slam Semi-Final that could be worth a punt but staying with the OG’s always hit the mark. No matter what time of year it is, enjoying tennis and other sports betting online is the ideal way to make a buck when you’re a sports fanatic of any kind. Get ready to note down these players’ best and worst bits and watch them win big in the final for the Grand Slam US Open 2023.

  1. Ben Shelton

Looking to beat all kinds of odds in the semi-finals coming up, Shelton is looking to chase a win from none other than Novak Djokovic. What will be the biggest win in his career, Shelton may be new to the rise and fame, but is a force to be reckoned with. To get to the Semi Final Four’s thus far, Shelton has beaten Open Patriots in his stride. Overcoming a brilliant win with Tommy Paul, and his biggest yet – a victory against number 10 in the world, Frances Tiafoe. In what was dubbed an emotional win, Shelton made his first victory in getting to the final four in such a prestigious game. At just 20 years old, this player is certainly worth a bet on, seeing that you will be seeing his face on and off the pitch for years to come. It is his second ever Grand Slam and could potentially see the first American man to hit the US Open finals since 2003.

Will he defy all odds against the Open’s regulars, or will the renowned faces continue to take the spot? Get ready to find out!

2. Novak Djokovic

It would only be right to head onto the last player’s next competitor – and what a competitor he is! Djokovic is a Serbian player who currently sits as the world number two; however, he has bounced from one–to–two on numerous occasions. The Association of Tennis Professionals ranked Djokovic as number one for a record of 389 weeks in 12 years. Undoubtedly, this Semi Finals with his stint against 20-year-old Shelton will not be easy, but it is looking for a likely win. Unlike his competitor, the 36-year-old will be heading into his 47th Grand Slam Semi Final and will need speed and integrity to take the win.

Most definitely one that we are tipping for the final, Djokovic has history under his belt and can stay calm under pressure perfectly. If the odds are defied and he loses against Shelton, we will certainly be shocked, but a win is deserved from either rightly so.

3. Carlos Alcaraz

Current world number one, Alcaraz is one that we had bet our top dollar on, and he is only 20 years old. The Spanish player is on a mission to win his fight in the semi-finals, but there is one place that he’s after – and that’s to be in the finals with Djokovic (if either of them make it). Set to play Russian, Daniil Medvedev, who is currently number three, before his dream of the finals, all eyes are on him. Dubbed as the ‘king of tennis’ if he can beat the Russian in the final fours, this rising star has said to be back in the game, better than ever before. Having won the US Open last year, the established winner will be one that you can bet on till the very end. We are cashing in on him meeting Djokovic in the finals.

4. Daniil Medvedev

All of the prior players’ dreams and wins depend on the Russian player, Medvedev. Currently Number 3, it looks like it will be a battle of the world’s greatest in this year’s Men’s US Open Finals. Tipped to be the underdog against world number one, Alcaraz, it really is a race against the best. He has declared to be bringing his 11/10 efforts, so if he can beat the number one at the final fours, the final of this year’s Open will be one to remember.  Having won 20 singles titles, Medvedev lost in the 2023 Wimbledon semis against Alcaraz. With a loss this year against the world’s great, it could happen again, which would result in the two players that are tipped for the final being – Alcaraz vs Djokovic. Let us see if the odds can change, or if the world’s greatest will take the crown once again.

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  • Sam · September 14, 2023 at 8:14 am

    Medvedev lost in the 2023 Wimbledon Final against Alcaraz.

    He did?? Wow, I guess he must’ve had an extreme makeover before the match. 🤪



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