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QA David Shaftel of Racquet Mag

Before the US Open I was invited by Miguel Seabra to a Racquet Magazine event with Maurice De Mauriac watches on Rockefeller Center rooftop.

The latest issue of Racquet, on display at the party, featured an unexpected cover story – Anand Amritraj, a former Indian tennis great from the 1970s. I thought to myself what a cool and creative idea it is to spotlight such a fascinating yet semi-obscure character from the now ancient Golden Era of tennis. On the spot I got the idea to do this quick interview with Racquet co-founder David Shaftel who kindly obliged…

Question: Love the ruthless creativity of putting a different kind of subject on your cover Anand Amritraj. What inspired that creativity?

David Shaftel: Just always admired the Amritraj family (Anand, Vijay and Ashok were all successful ATP and Davis Cup players). And always wanted to know what was up with Anand’s (very stylish and flamboyant) outfits. Always see him around tennis and wanted to know what was going on there.

Question: What’s been your greatest moment as co-founder of Racquet?

David Shaftel: Just getting to play tennis as part of my job. In the middle of a work day, it’s tennis that is part of my work. Being in the business I have playing tennis as part of my working life. It’s typically recreation, I get to call it my job.

Question: Your first memory of tennis?

David Shaftel: Being very small and the babysitter saying, Where’s your TV? McEnroe is on.

Question: Why do you love tennis?

David Shaftel: It’s competitive. I love – even if I’m playing someone much better – I can say I want to win one game today. And I like the geometry of it. And it’s a very tactical sport. I like the mind games.

Question: Future goals for Racquet Magazine?

David Shaftel: Just keep growing and growing and doing more exciting projects, like this watch event with Maurice De Mauriac, new partnerships, new places, new tournaments that I haven’t been to. Seeing more tennis, playing more. Getting better hopefully [smiles].

Racquet Magazine was founded in May 2016. Here is a look at issue 15 of Racquet magazine

Scoop Malinowski and tennis media maven and timepiece journalist Miguel Seabra.

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