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Biofile Bogdan Bobrov Interview

Status: ATP no. 389. Career best ranking was 361 in Dec. 2023.

Ht: 6-1 Wt: 163

DOB: September 16, 1997 In: Penza, Russia

First Memory Of Tennis: Well, to be honest, I don’t remember… well, one of the first things I remember – first practice for me. I kind of enjoy it. And I went back home and we were like looking through the TV. And Serena was playing the final of some tournament. Then when I saw her winning and she got like a nice, huge trophy. And then I looked at my mom… One day I’ll try to bring it to you. So this is kind of my first memory of tennis (age 5).

Tennis Inspirations; Well, always I like the top big three, big four. You gotta take like the best things from all of the players. You gotta look up to everyone.

First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered: In Russia there used to be the Kremlin Cup tournament. Once I got the broken racquet of Irakli Labadze. So I think that was my first close meeting.

Last Book Read: Well, I’m totally not enjoying the books. Hard to say… it’s not a great thing. But I’m more into films. But the book I read last is probably from school [smiles].

Favorite Movie: Princess Mononoke.

Currentourn Car: I don’t have personal car. Back home I have car-sharing ride. For me, cars are not a thing. As long as it drives, it’s a good thing. The car should take you from A to B.

Greatest Career Moment: I would say the first victory I got in the Futures level. It was quite a long wait for me. In Tunisia. Six years ago. Quite a good memory. But it didn’t last for a while. One evening I was happy. The next morning I realize that – Next year I have to defend those points, you know? [laughs]

Most Painful Moment: Pretty much like everyone else, every loss you take personal. But I wouldn’t say there was like a really painful moment.

Favorite Tournaments: I don’t visit so many big ones. But in juniors I did visit many Grand Slams. And all the Grand Slams are amazing and everything. I hope that my nicest tournament is going to be in the future [smiles].

Why Do You Love Tennis: I feel like it’s a love and hate at the same time. It’s always giving you joy and at the same time, any time you miss a shot, you’re pissed. It’s kind of just like a lifestyle for me. I’m not often at home. I’m like traveling a lot, playing many weeks, so this is just my lifestyle. So when I’m staying home two or three weeks, I feel I’m not at my place. You know? Yeah, it’s like a lifestyle.

Funny Tennis Memory: I cannot answer this one.

Funny Tennis Memory: Right now, every time I’m missing my luggage at the airport, it makes me laugh. Because I’m in a streak, three times in a row. I’m thinking how long will it last. I got it in the end but it’s always a grind. For example, like now, flight to here, in Houston I had my bags with me, so I put it on another flight to Tampa. In Tampa, one of the two bags didn’t arrive. They said, ‘Some stranger took it [laughs], we will bring it to you. The guy brought it back to the airport…’ And then they bring it to me after all.

Embarrassing Tennis Memory: There are many. One day on court I spent about five-six hours. I had the match points in both the singles and the doubles. And went back to hotel. That one I felt super empty. I try to cry but I had no power. I think I had two drops in my eye. That’s it. So that was pretty painful. (Where?) In Kazakhstan.

Favorite Sport Outside Tennis: Soccer.

Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow: I’m fond of Manchester United team. Cristiano. Messi. And I’m following my friend in tennis, Daniil Medvedev. Because he’s a super nice guy.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Caramel.

Favorite Artist: I’m not so good with names of the artist. But… I will not answer. I’m not following the artist. I can tell you it’s like thriller films I like.

People Qualities Most Admired: I would say my surroundings outside tennis people bring me joy. Because you’re always at a tournament, always about tennis, tennis, tennis. I like to chill with the people, quiet, not noisy, calm, patient. I can’t say like a particular thing. Just like the good person.

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