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Another Cool Bjorn Borg Story

From Paul O’Malley…

“A tennis friend of mine told me the story of a tennis couple from Quincy, MA was at Longwood and watched Bjorn Borg play. The wife was from Sweden and she approached Borg after the match, which you could easily do in those days. She convinced him to come back to the public courts in Quincy to hit some balls. My friend John told me he’s playing at the courts and their car pulled up and Borg gets out of the back seat. This was probably late 70’s. Amazing he did that.”

Borg won 64 ATP titles in his career including titles in Boston in 1974, 1975 and 1976. He also won eleven grand slam titles, six at French Open and five at Wimbledon, spanning from 1974-1981.

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