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Biofile Ilie Nastase Interview

Status: Former French Open and U.S. Open champion. Tennis Hall of Famer. Born: July 19, 1946 in Bucharest, Romania. Childhood Hero: "The first picture of Roy Emerson in Romanian newspaper. I didn't have anyone to look up to. I play tennis the way I feel." Hobbies/Interests: "I'm into cars. I collect Brancusi sculptures. He was a unique Romanian sculptor. Died in 1957. And collecting old watches. I have about 70 or 80 watches. I buy them because I love all watches. Probably because I didn't have any as a kid. Watch soccer and hockey. Hockey is so fast. You only realize how difficult it is when you try to skate. Amazing game. A little bit like soccer." Nicknames: "Nasty — which is going to stay forever (smiles). And Nasty Boy — from Jimmy Connors." Continue to read full article...

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