Noah Rubin Discusses “Behind The Racquet”

If you’re a tennis enthusiast, surely you have heard about and probably read the “Behind The Racquet” profile series on Instagram created by ATP pro Noah Rubin. Rubin interviews different players about their journeys and struggles from childhood tennis to the pros. The interviews have been received by the public very favorably to the point that “Behind The Racquet” has become a sensation, one of the most popular innovations the tennis industry has received in a long time.

Recently I spoke with Rubin about the BTR innovation …

Question: What inspired you to create the Behind The Racquet series which has become a sensation with many avid followers/supporters.

Noah Rubin: “It was something I wanted to do for myself. One of my closest friends, who doesn’t play tennis at all, followed my career, loves tennis now. He was bored with all the interviews, 95% of all interviews were about forehands and backhands and he couldn’t do it anymore. What you’re doing as well (biofile interviews). It’s nice for somebody like you who asks different questions. My friend was like, I don’t care about your forehand and backhand, I really don’t. I’m not a huge tennis fan. In that regard. I just like watching it. I just want to know about the person. The person behind the racquet. That’s how it all came about. Humans in New York…it’s a guy who goes around New York and asks everybody their story. And it gets into the nuts and bolts about true Americans. And I just wanted to bring that to the tennis world, in a space where people don’t really share their true emotions because they’re so competitive and it’s such an individual sport. Trying to let people open up and have that platform. For fans to be involved in it as well. If you get new fans from it showing tragedy and personality, it’s really incredible.”

Question: Have any players not cooperated?

Noah Rubin: “I’ve had about two right now who either said ‘not right now’ or don’t have a story to share. Even though I think everybody has a story. Everybody else is either coming up to me asking to share a story or are just very cooperative. So I don’t know how it’s gonna go down. Because I am asking everybody extremely personal questions and we’re going really deep. Tennys Sandgren is a guy who came up to me and said Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I never had the opportunity.”

“I have no ulterior motive. I’m not press. I’m just another tennis player. I just give everybody the platform. I do every interview myself. “

Question: Has there been a highlight moment so far?

Noah Rubin: “Like I said, Tennys Sandgren, other players like that. Looking them in the eye, people I’ve known my whole tennis career and A, I don’t know what they’ve been through and bringing us closer and B, seeing them open up to me and seeing them trust me has been miraculous and I’m truly fortunate to have that.”

Question: What are the highest praises you have received so far for Behind The Racquet?

Noah Rubin: “It’s between two things…It’s when people come up to me and say, I’m a new fan of tennis because of it. Or I get to support somebody else. Say someone has a stutter. (Ernesto) Escobedo has a stutter. I can relate to that. Now I’m a fan, I watch him play. So that’s great. Then having other players like CiCi Bellis. She said she got like 125 messages from people around the world supporting her. That’s something you can’t replicate.”

Question: An innovator does not stop innovating. Any future projects in mind? Any other ideas, expansion ideas?

Noah Rubin: “I have a few things. I’m working with ATP, WTA. Tennis Channel may have some things coming up. Players Tribune (Derek Jeter owned sports web site). I have a gallery on hold that I’m looking into. And also a documentary.”

Question: Gallery?

Noah Rubin: “Photography is one of my big interests. Hopefully do a gallery show with more artistic photos with a better camera.”

If you haven’t seen Behind The Racquet, check it out here

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  • jg · June 28, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Citi Open final a few years ago Pospisil Raonic, most boring final ever, would rather watch a high school match. That said Pospisil did win a Wimbledon doubles final but he did it with Jack Sock who could probably win a title with Scoop.

  • Dan Markowitz · June 28, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    I knew somebody was going to mention Pospsy’s double’s slam title. I just didn’t think it’d be you, Jon, kind of thought that was Scoop’s territory.

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