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James Blake’s Sensibe Advice for BLM Movement

James Blake was interviewed last week by Chris McKendry on ESPN. I did not see this interview but a colleague/friend Richard Pagliaro told me about it and some of the interesting remarks made by the former American tennis star.

The winner of ten ATP singles titles has had a colorful post-playing career. A mansion Blake owned in Tampa made headlines when his renting family suffered a tragic demise in 2014. The father, man named Darrin Campbell shot and killed his wife and two kids and then set the home on fire and shot himself.

Blake’s life endured another unfortunate event the following year. During the 2015 US Open fortnight Blake had a violent, morning encounter with an NYPD officer named James Frascatore at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan on 42nd Street. The former ATP world no. 4 was blind-side tackled on the street supposedly over a case of mistaken identity. The cop claimed Blake resembled a suspect he was tracking, connected to a fraud conspiracy that was under investigation. Blake was not hurt by the violent, unwarranted attack but naturally was somewhat traumatized and humiliated for being treated like a criminal when he was simply waiting for a car ride to take him to the Open.

Blake has now joined ESPN’s US Open broadcasting team and was interviewed by veteran ESPN anchor Chris McKendry last week.

Blake said his late father Thomas Blake, who was black (James’ mom is white), gave him valuable advice as a teenager regarding dealing with police. James said the best advice his dad gave was if he ever had any kind of encounter with police, he should simply raise both of his hands high and verbally communicate full compliance and cooperation. Thomas Blake told his son to “raise his hands and say: ‘I’M COMPLYING.'”

Now wouldn’t that be wonderful, wise, and life-saving advice and the right message for pro athletes and the media to recommend to the public and aspiring criminals and thugs?

Wouldn’t this sage advice of Thomas Blake be a lot more productive and effective than rioting, looting and unpeaceful protesting?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the mainstream media used their extensive platforms to get this positive message out instead of endlessly inciting and promoting hate, anger, division and more violence from the Black Lives Matter gang?


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  • Todd Shea Robinson · September 2, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    Super advice….advice the NBA players should have given last week rather than just not playing and lamenting their ‘plight’.

  • Scoop Malinowski · September 3, 2020 at 8:18 am

    Yes all thugs and criminals need to be educated and taught how to RESPECT comply and act to POLICE. I think a special school should be created a juvenile delinquents thugs criminals should be forced to enroll.



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