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How to Start a Career of a Tennis Player and not Fall Behind in College

Many young people choose tennis as their favorite sport in school. However, just a few have real chances of turning such a hobby into a career. Those few have a choice to train for a few more years while in college or try their chances among professional athletes at a very young age. Many choose to go to college and proceed with their training there. Fortunately, many schools come with excellent tennis programs and even tennis scholarships. 

Yet, there is one more obstacle to overcome. These new college students will have to master tennis practices and studies. Not falling behind in college while getting professionally trained for a college career can be a tough job. Still, there are ways to have both. Here is how you can start a career as a tennis player while doing well in college. 

Plan your time wisely

Of course, everything starts and ends with your time management abilities. Sometimes, your future success depends solely on your organizational skills. So start with breaking down your study and training routine. Create a schedule that will meet all your needs. Start by filling in your class and training schedules. Next, see how you can utilize any free time slots. After all, attending classes is only half of the work. You also need to stay ahead with all the assignments. Hence, you need to plan homework time. 

Still, training can take most of your time. So you better be creative with a study schedule. For example, you can study while commuting or spend more time on homework during the weekends.  


Commitment to your goals plays a big role in your personal and professional development. Before starting a tennis player career and enrolling in college, make sure that’s exactly what you want. As long as you are sure that both things are of importance to you, committing to them won’t be an issue. 

Keep in mind that both these areas will require a lot of work. You won’t achieve much progress within the first several months. It’s a long game that counts. So, you need to be persistent and set long-term goals. Balancing these two demanding activities won’t be easy, but you shouldn’t worry about failing as long as you commit to completing both tasks. 

Work on your mindset

A professional tennis player needs to have a champion mindset. It means having the mental strength to push for new levels. So, each time you achieve your goals, set new ones. Grow. Keep on practicing. Be mindful of your time, progress, and competition. Never forget that other train just as much as you do, if not more. So you have to be on top of your game if you want to compete. 

Motivation is one thing. Yet, a good student and committed athlete must also have discipline. So, work on your mindset just as you work on your body. Get rid of any toxic or destructive thoughts. Focus on your goals and what you need to do to achieve them. Of course, combining studies and professional training won’t be easy. Yet, with the right state of mind, you will be able to endure any hardships without getting mentally exhausted. 

Seek help and rest

It’s not all about work, work, work. You also need to have rest. Students need to recharge and regain their strengths once in a while. So, despite dealing with a lot on your plate, don’t forget about yourself and your personal needs. Don’t neglect your mental health. Young athletes are most in danger of burning out or suffering from anxiety and depression. 

Try to seek help when you feel like it’s the right thing to do. For example, you can ask your friends at college to tutor you or create a study group. You may also talk to your teachers about prolonging deadlines or explaining to you some materials one more time. In addition, you can always seek professional writing help online. Thus, see and learn how to choose the right service for your needs. 

Finally, have an occasional day off once in a while. Make sure to use this time wisely. Rest as much as you need, do some of your favorite activities, spend time with your family, or just sleep in and watch movies in bed. Just do things that will help you regain your energy and crush it the next day. 

Bottom line 

Any age is great for starting to play tennis. However, you have a small window when you can become a professional tennis player. So, if you feel like tennis is your passion and potential career for the future, use the school years to perfect your game. Practice with every chance you get. Grow stronger in your skills, physical abilities, and endurance. Yet, don’t forget to provide enough food for thoughts, attend classes, and use each opportunity to learn. 

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