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Why Are They Targeting Zverev?

By Scoop Malinowski

It makes no sense for the tennis establishment and it’s media weapon to be relentlessly hounding Alexander Zverev the way they are, over alleged domestic violence accusations made by his former girlfriend. This is the second time Zverev has been targeted by such allegations, the first woman named Sharipova ended up being a phony.

Sharipova never filed any police report, instead she contacted a tennis media reporter to tell her story or fairy tale. The ATP World Tour then conducted an investigation for over a year and found nothing to incriminate or punish Zverev.

So here we go again, another accusation against Zverev, no police reports, and the case is constantly mentioned and talked about by the media, which is a distraction for the German superstar, who apparently is not bothered by it at all as he just scored the best win of his career beating Carlos Alcaraz in four sets to reach the Australian Open semifinals.

It doesn’t make sense that the tennis establishment is attempting to assassinate the character of one of it’s most popular stars.

In the past, there were other prominent ATP players who were involved with underage girls – at least four major star figures of the ATP – however each case was covered up and never promoted the way the tennis media is smearing Zverev right now. Every time he plays on TV the announcers talks about the allegations which tarnishes Zverev’s image and rep, whether it’s truth of lies.

The double standard is suspicious. And you have to wonder if Zverev may have done something to anger a powerful figure in tennis, such as firing Roger Federer and Tony Godsick’s Team 8 as his manager a couple of years ago, to use his brother Mischa as the manager of his business affairs.

Because it makes no logical sense that this relentless anti Zverev smear campaign keeps perpetuating.

Zverev was fined over $400,000 for the allegations by his second accuser and has decided to decline to pay and instead will challenge the charges in a German court later this year during the French Open.

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