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How To Bet On Tennis

As one of the few sports that runs throughout the year, tennis garners more than its share of attention. There are multiple major tours throughout the year, which means that there are a ton of games going on virtually all year round.

With the rise of sports betting, it is only natural to pair the two together. If you are new to the world of tennis betting, a few simple pointers can help you to get started.

Find a Sportsbook

Before you can start making tennis predictions today, you first need to find a sportsbook. This can be a bit confusing at first because there are so many operating today. They all look quite similar when you compare betting markets, features, and promotions as well. So, how do you choose one that suits you?

One of the first places to start is with the available promotions. Some sportsbooks will offer bonus bets no matter what. Others will offer some protection on your first bet, providing bonus bets back if you lose the first time out. Find an offer that sounds good to you as a place to start when choosing a sportsbook.

Choose a Tournament

There are tennis tournaments happening all year long. The biggest events, known as majors, come once each year. The four major tournaments are the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon. The latter is basically the Super Bowl of tennis, the biggest event of the year by a good margin.

There are also main tours happening throughout the year – WTA and ATP World, for example – that have smaller tournaments. Pick one of them as your launching point. It might be able to start smaller before graduating to the majors. If you are totally new to the world of tennis betting, then it is important to acclimate and gain a feel for how to wager.

Pick a Match

While you can most certainly bet on things like tournament winners, there are more granular ways to bet. For instance, you can bet on each match and even outcomes within that match. When you’ve picked a tournament, there should be dozens of games to choose from during the early part of the tournament.

This is also a bit of a skill. Those who have a deeper knowledge of the game, as well as the players, tend to have an advantage. Wager on as few or as many of the matches as you like. There are even strategy guides out there that can help you pick a game and even find a bit of value in the process.

Place Your Bets

Now it’s time to actually place a bet. Whether you have picked a tournament winner (known as a futures bet) or a single match, it helps to know how to actually place your bets. Log into the sportsbook of your choice and find the tennis section. You can also adjust your preferences to show your favorite sports when you sign into your account. There should be several options as well as matchups for the day.

Any pick you make – set winner, match winner, tournament winner, etc. – will populate in the bet slip. Your bet slip can be adjusted at any point before you submit the pick. Place single wagers or combine them to make a parlay. Whatever you decide to do, check the bet slip before you move on to the final step. When you’re ready, you can choose to post a stake (bet your own money) or use any bonus bets you may have available. The only thing left is to hope for a winner.

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