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Studying Medvedev and Tsitsipas at Miami Open

Daniil Medvedev miscalculated and was stunned early by Brooksby today, outplayed on the baseline until the end of the first set the American earned the winning position at 5-4 30-all but suddenly the Russian won two key points and then took control from the baseline. Also Medvedev adapted to and was never hurt by Brooksby’s serve the rest of the match.

I studied Medvedev and noticed some things I didn’t from seeing him play on TV. On changeovers he sits in a trance, only sipping his drink, and sometimes slightly nodding his head in positive self encouragement. He’ll also towel off his legs. But that’s it, no wasted energy, pure total focus on destruction. Also he uses two drinks, a water bottle on the ground and an orange drink he places back in his Technifibre bag on his chair to his right which he covers under a towel. Maybe it’s a secret super drink?

Before every point on return games Medvedev pulls his shorts like Rafa but he does it sneaky and no one notices it to criticize it. The tighter the match gets he will grunt and show emotional adrenaline. Brooksby forced Medvedev’s best level today in the 75 61 triumph.

Stefanos Tsitsipas was desperate to avenge the five set US Open heartbreaking loss to Alcaraz and came out urgently trying to take early control to quiet the full house grandstand crowd which was 95 percent for the Spanish bull. Tsitsipas earned the break but I could sense it wasn’t enough and he was doomed. I knew the animated crowd would be the difference maker and would will Alcaraz to victory. Not that Alcaraz needs any help. But it was double jeopardy for Stefanos.

Tsitsipas blew the break lead and seemed uncomfortable all match against the harder hitting Carlito and the merciless crowd which passionately adores Alcaraz.

Alcaraz does everything better than Tsitsipas, hits harder, dictates better from baseline and finishes at net more. His serve is better too.

Not once the entire match Tsitsipas look at his coach Thomas Enqvist despite Enqvist trying to get his attention all match long with clapping, barking encouragement, standing and staring at him. It’s as if Tsitsipas has tuned Enqvist out and the trial coaching partnership is over. Meanwhile Alcaraz is constantly engaged with his entourage after almost every important or exciting point, fist pumping, nodding as if to say Yes I’m the man and we got this, and the in style forehead finger point. Tsitsipas does not generate any emotional adrenaline.

Tsitsipas is not a “vicious competitor” like Alcaraz, he’s more an elegant stylish matador with even a hint of femininity in his aura demeanor while Alcaraz is all machismo and ruthless Mike Tyson tennis violence.

Tsitsipas lacked spark and confidence… he may still be suffering the lingering after effects of the Roland Garros final loss from two sets up vs Djokovic.

Also the bathroom breaks and illegal coaching controversies may have stripped Tsitsipas of his natural inclinations, he may be embarrassed by all the media trauma and drama it caused. Tsitsipas has stagnated under Enqvist and he needs a change immediately after tonight’s 75 63 setback, the second failure to subdue Raging Bull teenager II.

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