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Interesting Indian Wells Qualies Results

Steve Johnson got a wildcard into BNP Paribas qualies but lost a heartbreaker first round to Emilio Nava 76 67 46. The 34 year old American is ranked 242

Last year at Sarasota Open Challenger Seongchan Hong told me his toughest opponent was Korean compatriot Soonwoo Kwon because he never missed a backhand in their practice matches. Hong had never come close to beating the older Kwon. But yesterday Alternate Hong beat Kwon 63 63.

Michael Mmoh lost to Facundo Bagnis 63 46 46.

Rising Japanese 20 year old Shintaro Mochizuki beat Diego Schwartzman 64 63. Shintaro is 3-14 career in ATP matches and currently ranked 149.

Maxime Cressy can’t shake his terrible slump, he lost again to David Goffin 76 36 36. Two years ago the American was ranked 31, now he’s stuck at 183.

Alex Molcan beat Benoit Paire 76 63.

Jerry Shang bet Yoshihito Nishioka 46 76 63.

Remember Lucas Pouille? He beat Rinky Hijikata 57 61 63.

American teen Clvervie Ngounoue beat Alize Cornet 62 63.

Kayla Day beat Alycia Parks 61 64.

American teen Liv Hovde beat Sasnovich 62 64.

Sara Errani the Italian veteran beat Alexandra Krunic 75 61.

And the 37 year old Su Wei Hsieh returned to singles after a lengthy hiatus and beat Rakhimova 36 63 64 in over three hours.

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  • Cory · March 6, 2024 at 10:12 am

    That Johnson match was painful. Nava played mediocre at best, and several times in the 2nd set tiebreak, and late in the 3rd set, actual red carpet was rolled out by Nava and Johnson missed a million balls into the net. It seemed he couldn’t buy anything but 2nd serves on big points, and most of his fortunes in those big moments came from Nava errors. Johnson had the win on his racket several times and refused it. We know Nava is solid but he wasn’t during that match.

    Errani against the right opponent, makes a great underdog. If you have a mental weakness or have inconsistencies, she can and will often win. Of course against top 20 talent she will get whipped off the court easily.

    I Like Mochizuki, I think he’s a future top 50/75 but it hasn’t materialized yet.

    And getting tired of Zach Vadja … the guy is so talented but one of the weakest players otherwise. Loses every important game or point. Lost to Lukas Klein yesterday who stinks.

    V Williams any shot today? Hibino is a markswoman, i don’t see her missing much. V Williams will have to bring the power, that’s the only way i see her winning. Lengthy rallies will be an early exit. Loser of 16 of last 20.

  • Scoop Malinowski · March 6, 2024 at 10:50 am

    Johnson just can’t win anymore, his level and confidence have dropped. He’s been struggling for almost three years. Hibino may roll over for the Queen Vee, if she lacks killer instinct, he will lose. Arias was saying years ago Mochizuki has something special. SOme way think he was shilling for IMG but I agree with Arias, very interesting player. Vajda could be another one of those Kudlas, flashe of some brilliance here and there but mostly outside the top 100 range. Looks like Schwartzman is done.

  • Cory · March 6, 2024 at 11:04 am

    As you often say Scoop, there’s just so much talent emerging from Challenger level, there’s always someone hungrier than you ready to swoop in and take your spot and bump you down. As is the case with a Murray, Johnson, Schwarzman. You can’t slip, can’t rest or get complacent for even a moment in the ATP or you’ll spend a lot of time and energy getting back up (in many cases you just can’t or won’t).

    Agree completely about Vadja – the Kudla comparison is good. The former is young and will have every opportunity but thusfar has not taken any steps forward.

    Other matches besides V. Will / Hibino to keep an eye on today: interestingly, Nakashima is the favorite against Eubanks (+133), Eubanks still not getting the respect yet. Nakashima had a few nice runs in European challengers this year – he’s looked great.

    Also interestingly, JJ Wolf is an underdog (+140) against Seyboth Wild. Wild dispatched Walton & Broady in the opening Qs, but Wild is so inconsistent that you could make a career betting against him. He’s a clay guy altho like a Coria or a Galan, not bad on hard. What’s up with Wolf, he’s a guy who had big expectations but hasn’t quite materialized yet.

    I cannot believe Mhoh was outworked by Bagnis. Gotta hand it to Bagnis, all those clay Challengers harden you. He’s a great fighter. Still in shock tho. Mmoh is consistent.

  • Scoop Malinowski · March 6, 2024 at 2:15 pm

    Cory, also all those Challengers can also break you. Every damn point is a grindfest. Look at this new guy Hong, I saw him at Sarasota Open last year and had never heard of him, about 24, another Japanese coach told me he was a very good junior but didn’t like to travel and so his pro career stagnated, but perfect technique, quick as a scared cat and standout battler. I did a Biofile with him because I thought he might breakout someday. And now 11 months later he has, beat Kwon and Nagal in IW qualies, now in main draw. Ranked 237 I believe, which is low. Wolf shot up a year ago to top 50 but has stagnated. Nobody ever really called him for big success so I would say what he’s done so far is a surprise and overachieving out of Ohio State. Mmoh is a disappointment so far, I saw him at Eddie Herr locking horns with Ruud, Opelka, Deminaur and they all passed him in ATP. He should be top 25. Nakashima has flatlined too, he looked so good three years ago in Delray Beach and has had some good wins but I think he’s hit a wall in the last two years. Capable of top 20 IMO. Works hard, dedicated, fit, technically sound, experiments with different coaches, just no big results yet.

  • Scoop Malinowski · March 6, 2024 at 2:18 pm

    Anybody care to see McEnroe singing in a big concert in Paris in 1992? If you can call it singing, some might call it yelling. Guitar skills solid though and they compensate for the voice void. Vitas, Cash and Noah also in the ATP superband.



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