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Former WTA No. 6 Explains Raducanu’s Plight

Former WTA no. 6 Bettina Bunge skyrocketed up the rankings after turning pro in 1978 at age fifteen she was ranked 150 in the world and four years later she was in the semifinals of Wimbledon and ranked in the top 10.

Bunge explained the perils of achieving early success. “It can go so quickly. It’s easy to have a slump. When I was young I had nothing to lose. Now that I’ve done something, everyone is out to beat me. They have nothing to lose…”

Emma Raducanu can relate with the words and wisdom of Bettina Bunge. The British woman famously performed and experienced a skyrocketing success story, by winning the 2021 US Open as a qualifier at age 18, winning ten matches, all in straight sets, in just her second Grand Slam tournament appearance (am Open Era record). But since that astonishing triumph, the now 20 year old Raducanu hasn’t won another title or even come close. Raducanu’s ranking has fallen from WTA no. 10 to her current ranking of 283.

Bunge’s best ranking was no. 6 in 1983. The German won four WTA singles titles and four WTA doubles titles in her career and achieved a match record of 294-177. By 1989 Bunge decided to end her career at the age of 26.

Raducanu, who will turn 21 on November 13, is presently gearing up for and training for her big comeback in January 2024.

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