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Federer is ready to shock the world at Wimbledon

If a great champion could talk his way to a Grand Slam title, Roger Federer sounds ready to shock the world. He’s completely figured out the loss to Felix in Halle and has rebuilt his mental mindset to win number Grand Slam no. 21 in two weeks time.

“I had a mental moment where I was just not happy with how things were going in the match,” Federer reflected at his Wimbledon pre-tournament press conference. “When things derailed mentally for me, I was already down a break in the third. You might argue I would have maybe lost anyway. It was Felix’s good play that got me there.”

“[But] it was definitely also, there’s ways to lose and a standard I set for myself and how I go about things.”

“The good thing now, looking back, is I know it will not happen here because I’m ready, I’m excited, I’m pumped up. I know I can do so much better,” Federer stated firmly. “I think I’ve got to take the positives out of these last few weeks, that I’m actually here at Wimbledon right now and I have a chance. I know if I get rolling, I get into the second week – which is the goal here right now, that I get stronger and stronger as every match goes by – I believe it’s very much possible.

“I come here feeling mentally strong rather [than] the last set I played in Halle, which was clearly not the standard I like.”

The interesting question is how can Federer be so certain he will not have a “mental moment” again and not be happy with how a match is going at Wimbledon? Or is he relying on hoping his way through turbulence and adversity?

The former king Roger Federer sounds confident in his skills and form but also somewhat unrealistic. The most important factor about Federer is he’s still a vicous, ruthless competitor and he is starving for… he really wants and needs to win this title.

The wounded animal is the most dangerous…

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  • Hartt · June 27, 2021 at 7:10 am

    One of Federer’s strengths is his positive attitude, his optimism. So no wonder he was upset at his negative attitude in that third set. I wish I could be as optimistic as he claims to be about his Wimby chances.

    He did not play very well against Ivashka, and was lucky he did not face a stronger player in his opening match in Halle. Auger-Aliassime played extremely well. In fact, I don’t think he got enough credit for how he played that match. He would have won against most opponents. But the worrying thing for Fed was how he fell apart in the third set. Also, his serve, so crucial to his success, was not “on” that day.

    As an older player Fed isn’t as consistent as he was in his prime. Rod Laver has talked about how, as an older player, you could be great one day and terrible the next, for no apparent reason. I think we are seeing that with Fed now. But to have any chance at Wimbledon he must have his serve working throughout all his matches.

  • Scoop Malinowski · June 27, 2021 at 8:28 am

    Hartt, Federer knows what it takes to win Wimbledon but a problem he faces is he missed a year and he may have lost touch with how much better all the players improved in that time frame while he did not. A lot can change in a year. Federer has collected his information though and will try to work out it all out. Good for him he doesn’t have the ghost of Djokovic lurking until the final, if they both get that far. That is the dream final.



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