TAG: These are my impressions of watching 30 minutes of the French Open. What are your’s?



The French Open In All Its Glory

I haven’t sat down and watched an entire match on Tennis Channel–haven’t even seen the French on ESPN–(and that’s the beauty of attending a tennis tournament live, you do sit and sometimes watch an entire match. The TV is too easy to wander away from even during a great match), but of what I’ve seen this is what I have to think so far.

1. Rafael Nadal is amazing. There isn’t a professional athlete playing as hard and dominating the way he is on clay in the entire world of sport that I watch. Kobe Bryant, great, but doesn’t go all out like Nadal, Andy Roddick, not even close, maybe Rajon Rondo comes close as anyone. Nadal is in such supreme shape, has such a driving attitude and has the artillery on clay to make opponents look just like so much clay kill.

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