TAG: Can Nadal surpass Fed and become the G.O.A.T?



How many slams will Rafael Nadal win?

He’s just turning 24 and has notched his seventh slam. Considering that he has four more years of prime tennis, could Nadal win 17 slams and possibly surpass Federer? The Swiss will likely win at least two more slams giving him 18, and maybe more. He’s shown little signs of slowing down. But if Nadal wins five more French Opens, a pretty safe bet amazingly, add two more Aussies and Wimbledon’s and a US Open and that gives him 17 slams. No one is going to break Fed’s record of 24 slams in a row with a semi or better showing (or what I think is more incredible, the last 23 slams have been won by either Fed or the player who beat Fed), but Nadal could surpass Fed’s total slams won record.

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