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Venus is 7-29 since 2019

The tennis media downplays the struggles of legend Venus Williams who has only won seven matches since 2019, while suffering 29 defeats.

But at 43, the former world no. 1 continues to compete on the WTA Tour and gets entry into every tournament that she wants.

One WTA coach remarked about the direction of Williams’ career and it’s effects on young players striving to make it big in the pro ranks.

“Obviously Venus is not serious about coming back because never plays a challenger or qualifying like Andy Murray did. Certainly she doesn’t care about the future of tennis because she continues to take main draw spots from young hungry players who deserve to have a career as well. It’s also hard to believe she still sells tickets…”

It is interesting Venus is getting a free pass from the tennis media. It’s also intriguing to contemplate how much Venus will take advantage of her special privileges to compete on the WTA Tour and in Grand Slams despite her abysmal record of 7-29 over the last four years.

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