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Tsitsipas Elaborates On Badosa Romance

“It’s the best thing that could have happened to me,” Tsitsipas said inĀ  an interview with at the Mallorca tournament about his romance with WTA star Paula Badosa. “It may not be easy at first because of the media interest and what it entails, because people talk. But I try not to pay attention. It is inevitable, it will happen. It can take time to adjust, although now it’s very nice to get used to something like that, because it had never happened to me. She is the right person.”

“I admire her very much. She’s my favorite player,” Tsitsipas said of Badosa. “I find her a very interesting personality. Not only because of her appearance, but also because of what she has inside. When she plays, I see myself. There are a lot of things I see her doing on the court that I would do as well. It’s very rare that there’s a player on the other side of the circuit who I can talk about like that. It inspires me. I hope to inspire her too. It makes me love tennis more. It motivates me to be better.”

“She’s the most understanding person I’ve ever been with. She wants the best for me. I’m so lucky she’s in my life… We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we are more together. I hope we can create dreams, conquer them together. Because that’s such a beautiful thing… I want this to be a beautiful life with beautiful memories. Sometimes also sad, you can’t help them. It’s part of the journey, a long journey to experience it all.”

The Tsitsipas and Badosa wedding date hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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