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Tennis Media Gets No Respect

Covering tennis for over two decades, I have never heard one champion or runner up player thank the media during their trophy ceremony speeches. Champion and finalists typically thank sponsors, fans, ballkids, volunteers but they never thank the tennis media.

Marcelo Rios once said the media “parasite off the talents of the players.”

Reilly Opelka recently called the tennis media “the worst” and “awful.”

To the contrary, Grigor Dimitrov is always a gentleman with the media and always thanks the media after his press conferences. Many other players are also friendly and engaging with the media, like Dimitrov.

But the overall sense is the tennis media is not performing up to the high standards set by Bud Collins, Allison Danzig, Frank Deford, etc. There is a sense the players cooperate with the media because they have to, because they are kind people, because they don’t want to get fined.

There is a sense the tennis media could be so much better, so much more original, creative, interesting, informative.

I try my best here to share player Biofiles and unique insights about the pro tennis circuits and all the unique personalities that make it so intriguing.

Routine basic articles about matches and cliche filled interviews by the majority of the media don’t do this fascinating elegant, violent and emotional sport justice.

Hopefully in the near future, things can change and be improved, and champions and runner ups will graciously thank the tennis media for the work they do.

Like The Bryan Brothers and Eric Burotac, who after interviews I did with them, each told me, “Thanks for what you do for tennis.”

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