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John McEnroe 2023 US Open Analysis

John McEnroe zoom interview for ESPN’s 2023 US Open coverage sound bytes…

“I would also say Novak (Djokovic)’s in an incredible spot. I think he’s handled it incredibly well, actually. The fact that he’s passed (Rafael) Nadal and (Roger) Federer is amazing, and the way he looks, he looks like he’s going to win multiple Slams more. It feels like he could go on for another two, three, four years at this rate. It’s remarkable what we’re watching, and certainly him and (Carlos) Alcaraz are the two guys coming in that you figure the odds are pretty good that one of those two is going to win it.”

“If I had to pick one guy, (Jannik) Sinner would probably be the guy that’s in that position to make that step, which he hasn’t made. He got to a semis finally, lost to Novak. To me he’s positioned himself well. It’s hard to envision.”

“I’d love to see Frances (Tiafoe) get his act together and do something, but he got to the semis, so he’s going to feel pressure even trying to replicate that. But it would be incredible for an American player to make a breakthrough to me, but the likelihood is that it isn’t going to happen.”

“You can see it’s going to be Djokovic or Alcaraz, (Daniil) Medvedev is the next guy, and then Sinner. After that, it’s going to be pretty tough to envision a guy going all the way.”

(McEnroe artwork by 1972 Olympic silver medalist in Equestrian and Sarasota FL based artist Karin Billings.)

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