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Funny Moments On Court With Bjorn Borg and Mark Cox

Brian Parrott recalls on Facebook when he played Bjorn Borg in a doubles exhibition… “Mark Cox and I versus Borg and the player in Salem, Oregon. On a basketball surface which was lightning fast. Some funny moments…one was I hit a serve – crushed it and I guess at that point I was in the 125 mph range. Borg’s racquet broke in half. Bancroft wood, strung at eighty pounds or whatever it was. But it broke on the throat. And made such a loud ‘crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrack’ in the gymnasium. Then he played it up… he looked at me…looked at his racquet…looked at me…as the crowd laughed…and the next serve he stood back at the wall…thirty feet behind the baseline…was funny. And then when we changed sides, he came to me to feel my bicep. He played it up well for the 3,OOO people. He was eighteen and so incredibly fast. Mark Cox’s line, on the microphone, after losing four and four to Borg, was the BEST line I ever heard from a player on a microphone. As I handed him the mic, he held it….slowly scanning the crowd….as they quieted to hear what he was going to say. The crowd got quiet…he paused and said in his British accent: “I AM A BIT REMINDED….OF WHAT MARK ANTHONY SAID….UPON ENTERING THE BEDCHAMBER OF CLEOPATRA….” he had the crowd riveted at that point…”I HAVE NOT COME HERE TO MAKE A SPEECH”….it was so funny, the crowd laughed.

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