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Emma Is Ready To Create More Tennis Magic

Former US Open champion Emma Raducanu is making her comeback to the WTA Tour next week after a lengthy hiatus and long stretch of mediocre results due to injuries.

“I think I’m a better tennis player than I was before the break. The people around can see I’m training and playing really well. Physically, I’m pushing things I wasn’t doing before.”

“I feel reborn in a way. I feel fresh, ready, happy, excited. Overall l’m feeling positive and lighter. I think for two years after the US Open, I felt a bit more weight on my shoulders. Now I feel fresh.”

It’s evident Raducanu is feeling very confidence and excited to play her best tennis again, which she hasn’t been able to do since winning the US Open three years ago.

But if she falls short again and can’t produce anything above tennis excellence, the whispers will begin again: “She’s a one hit wonder and her US Open title was a fluke…”

Raducanu has to win majors to silence her critics and skeptics. Anything less will not satisfy the media or sponsors.

The young woman who won the US Open as a teenager qualifier by winning ten straight matches in straight sets is capable of creating Grand Slam magic with her Wilson racquet. She bravely and eagerly is ready to do it again.

Photo by Rob Glickman.

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