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Biofile Marta Kostyuk Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: WTA no. 39.

DOB: June 28, 2002 In: Kyiv, Ukraine

First Memory Of Tennis: My mom (Talina) feeding balls to me and I’m not being happy because she’s feeding them wrong [laughs]. And I was missing them. That’s why I was missing them. Of course it’s not true but this was my first memory because it (the ball) has to go in, everything has to be perfect, I cannot miss [smiles]. I have come a along way I’d say [smiles].

Tennis Inspirations/Heroes: Never had anyone.

First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered: Dolgopolov. I think Alexandr Dolgopolov. He was doing some master classes in Ukraine. Also I met him because we were at the same club in Ukraine.

Greatest Moment Of Your Career: … I would say probably winning first title (2023 in Austin, Texas, beat Gracheva in final 63 75).

Most Painful Moment: Ah… most painful… hmmm… that’s a good one. Let me think… …that one is always more painful than the other one, then you still forget… let me think… [Thank you for the deep thinking on this.] [Marta laughs] No, it’s a good question because I’m really thinking which one was the… …ah, most painful… I know… Against Azarenka last year at US Open (lost 26 36 in 2R). That was the one I really… that one was not good, in the many aspects. Not just tennis, not just on the court. And everything after that (the no handshake, the press conference) was I would say one of the worst experiences of my life.

Why Do You Love Tennis: Because it’s never the same. Everything is different. Every day.

Which Match(es) Did You Feel At Your Very Best: Oooh… probably against Garcia (62 63 R16) in Washington (2023). I think it was one of the best matches I’ve played in my life.

Favorite Players To Watch: I like to watch guys [smiles], guys play, I mean Novak, Carlos. I want to see these two.

Funny Tennis Memory: Oh in DC, Bianca (Andreescu) hit a full power overhead to me and I managed to put the ball in (with an awkward, impromptu inside out backhand winner). That was really funny to me because I had no idea how I hit it but it was fun. Here is the video of the shot on Marta’s Instagram

Pre-Match Feeling: Just have fun.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I don’t like ice cream but the pistachio.

People Qualities Most Admired: Honesty. Kindness. And… one more, let me think of something… How do you say when you can laugh at yourself? [Self-deprecating].

On Being A Wilson Sporting Goods Ambassador: I’m really happy to be on the Wilson advisory team and helping them make the pieces better and also better for the other people. It’s my first US Open [head-to-toe wearing Wilson] so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully good [laughs]. I’d say it’s been a good experience and I’m really happy and excited and it’s been a big privilege to be part of the Wilson advisory team.

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