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Andy Roddick’s partnership with online sports betting company Betway has disappointed tennis fans

The news of former world number one Andy Roddick’s partnership with online sports betting company Betway has sparked a lively debate in the sports world. The announcement on Wednesday, August 9, of the partnership between the famous tennis player and the popular betting company has been the subject of attention from sports fans and the general public alike.

Roddick has taken on the role of global tennis ambassador for Betway and has promised to provide expert analysis and unique information on major tournaments around the world. However, reactions to this partnership have been varied. While some fans and professionals welcomed the move as a new stage in the development of the sports industry and an opportunity to bring more attention to tennis, others expressed their disappointment and concerns about athletes partnering with online betting companies.

How the tennis community reacted to the news of the partnership

Andy Roddick’s partnership with online sports betting company Betway has generated a lot of interest among tennis fans, but some of them have expressed their concerns about the partnership. One fan cited the case of tennis player Borna Ćorić, who was recently forced to delete his social media accounts due to insults from players following his defeat at the 2023 Canadian Open. This prompted fans to express their concerns about the impact of gambling on professional sports, especially tennis. Many cite the example of real money casinos at, which attracts thousands of players and forces them to spend huge sums on bets.

French tennis player Corentin Moutet also expressed his opinion on the news, supporting concerns about Roddick’s partnership with the gambling brand, especially in light of recent incidents involving negative consequences for players.

Roddick and Batway are happy with the agreement that has been made

However, Andy Roddick himself has shared his delight at the new partnership with Betway, expressing his confidence in its success. He also expressed his desire to provide valuable information and expert analysis for tennis fans, especially ahead of the US Open. Roddick clearly intends to use his knowledge and experience to support fans and raise the profile of tennis through the deal he has struck with Betway.

“Welcome to Betway’s team of global ambassadors,” was how Betway CEO, Anthony Werkman, welcomed tennis legend Andy Roddick. The move has been met with anticipation in the sporting community as Roddick, a former world number one, will contribute a wealth of analytics and information on major tournaments.

In a welcoming statement, Werkman emphasized how important it is to have the experience and opinion of an outstanding athlete like Andy Roddick on the Betway team. He said that his opinion would be invaluable to the readers of his column and that his deep understanding of tennis would add value to the content provided on a daily basis. The agreement emphasizes the importance of experienced sportsmen’s opinions in the world of online betting and raises the bar for quality and professional analytics in this field. Andy Roddick, with his wealth of sporting experience and professional knowledge, is undoubtedly a valuable addition to the Betway team, and tennis fans and supporters around the world will greatly appreciate his contribution.

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