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Andy Murray Revealed When He Plans To End His Career

After a defeat to Russian Andrey Rublev in the second round of the BNP Paribas Open, the renowned Briton Andy Murray once again found himself in the spotlight. Debates about when the 35-year-old Scotsman will finally hang up his racket have been ongoing for the past few years. The British media, as always, sparing no praise for their celebrated hero, launched a formal attack with inquiries about the impending retirement. Such a situation is not new for Andy. For about a year and a half, journalists seem to have conspired to pester the legendary tennis player with the same questions, demanding to reveal the exact date of his career conclusion. However, if bookmakers were accepting bets on Andy’s retirement now, the odds would be low. Speaking of bookmakers, the company Melbet offers excellent opportunities for tennis betting. You can place bets using the website

As for Andy, his mother, Judy, came to his defense, expressing indignation at reporters’ intrusive interest in her son’s personal life. However, it seems that this time the verbal onslaught did have an effect. Andy decided to dispel all speculations and voiced his verdict.

“I plan to end my career this summer,” declared the three-time Grand Slam champion unequivocally. “I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been asked about it for about 18 months now. Of course, I’ve thought about it, but I’ve made the decision and expressed it, but it seems like no one is listening to me. Honestly, I don’t understand why I’m constantly being asked about it.”

Murray’s words are filled with bitterness, but such harsh statements are entirely justified after years of suffering from injuries and constant pressure from fans and journalists. The retirement of the Scotsman will, without exaggeration, mark the end of an era for all of British sports. After all, it was the determined lad from Dunblane who managed the impossible – to bring high-profile tennis trophies back to the homeland after a long 77-year hiatus.

The peak moments of Andy’s career were truly stellar. Two victories at Wimbledon in 2013 and 2016. The first Grand Slam title for Britain at the Big Slam tournament after 76 years since Fred Perry’s triumph. Another major – the US Open in 2012. Winning the Olympics in 2012 and 2016 in his hometown of London. Unwavering leadership in the ATP rankings for 41 weeks. For these achievements, the Briton was granted a knighthood, and his final match at the Wimbledon tournament in 2013 became the highest-rated sports broadcast in the history of Britain. A idol for millions of Britons, Murray was a symbol of the national revival of British tennis for a decade.

But the career of the great champion was by no means cloudless. In 2017, the Scotsman underwent a complex hip surgery and had to return to elite sports, overcoming unbearable pain. At the turn of 2018-2019, the situation worsened to the point that Andy was ready to hang up his racket due to the inability to play at the highest level.

“Yesterday, during the match, the pain was so intense that even serving was difficult. I can’t play like this because of hip problems. I’ve come to terms with it,” Murray lamented at that time. According to his own admission, the unwavering support of family and medical personnel helped him continue his performances.

In 2022, Andy once again faced a series of injuries: hip dislocation, abdominal injury, and a hamstring strain. But even at the age of 35, the Scotsman did not give up and tried to storm the peaks again, continuing to delight fans with his fighting spirit.

And now, the time has come to take the final step. To retire and enjoy a well-deserved rest, not waiting for health to completely fail, and for young stars to completely overshadow him on the court. After all, Sir Andy has more than 700 victories in the ATP Tour, 46 titles, and about 63 million dollars in prize money to his name. Any tennis player can be proud of such a legacy.

“I feel that I’ve done very well. I’ve worked a lot, put in a lot of effort, never missed a day of training due to a lack of discipline. From this point of view, I can’t have too many regrets,” concluded Murray.

Well, all that remains is to thank the great Briton for the emotions he provided and wish him to find a worthy application for his priceless talent and experience in a new capacity. The love of fans will forever warm the heart of Sir Andy, embodying the best sporting traditions of Britain.


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