Maintenance of asphalt tennis court.

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    Hey guys, sharing some tips for the maintenance of hard court tennis court.

    The advantage of hard courts is that daily maintenance is not required. But, the maintenance has to be done when required.

    The different maintenance which has to be performed is listed below:

    1.It is better to sweep clean of the dirt or debris(on a weekly basis). This should be done because, leafs, twigs and plant material left on the court may stain the court.

    2.Every 1-2 years, it is advised to pressure clean the hard courts.

    3.Hard tennis courts are highly recommended to be resurfaced every 4-5 years.

    Our club in Canada has constructed two tennis courts. One was a recently constructed and it was an asphalt tennis court construction. For the other court, we did a resurfacing.

    Resurfacing includes the following elements:

    1.Crack repair

    2.New line paint

    3.1-2 coats of acrylic resurfacer

    4.2 coats of acrylic court paint

    Hope you have got an adequate information.

    Thank you