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Jon Glover is a national USTA developmental and ID coach with striking dirty-blond dreadlocks and a friendly, low-key manner who I saw watching a lot of the matches including my son's against Tanner Povey at the USTA Clay Court 12U Nationals in Orlando. Jon grew up in the Philadelphia area and gravitated to tennis when an older gentleman at the park Jon frequented as a kid to play basketball in, introduced him to the sport. Jon went on to earn a tennis scholarship at the University of Florida and after four years of playing there, finished at the time as UF's fifth-highest wins leader. Here's a Q and Q I conducted with Jon at the USTA National Campus this week. Q. What is your tennis background? Glover: "I was a Middle States section player and I played Inter-Nationals in the 12's and 14's and I played four years at the University of Florida." Continue to read full article...

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