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As great as Andre Agassi was, he still lost 274 matches over his 21-year career on the pro tour. Of course, he won 870 matches. But I’m more concerned in this book with the matches he lost. A great number of players found ways to beat Agassi, one of the ten greatest players in the history of the game. I, myself, beat Andre twice after losing to him the first three times without winning even a single set.

I’m going to tell you why Agassi was so great, but also how I turned a losing game into a winning one against Andre, and how you can do that against your toughest opponent. Every tennis player has an opponent that they’re dying to beat and with a little more practice (this book is going to instruct you on how to get the most out of your practices), better technique (I’m going to improve your strokes), and a sound game plan (read this book and you’ll learn how to break down your opponent’s game), you’ll do just that.

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