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The Vilas Solution To Fix A Broken Stroke

By Scoop Malinowski There's an old saying in tennis: When one stroke goes off, your whole game goes down. Even top ranked professionals suffer through such situations where one of their strokes falters. Guillermo Vilas, the former ATP no. 2 was not immune to losing control of his arsenal of weapons. His former coach Ernesto Ruiz Bry told a story to me about Vilas losing one of this strokes and how he remedied the crisis. Continue to read full article...




Tennis Tips: Always be ready to improvise

By Scoop Malinowski A good player knows he or she has to improvise on the court. Fundamental techniques are important and need to be "perfect" in order to sustain 20 and 30 ball high speed rallies. Locking into certain patterns of consistency are the backbone of a quality match but to set apart from the opponent, the winning player usually can step it up at the key moments and create something different, like a drop shot winner, a sudden laser beam winner or a short angle set up to open the court for the winner. Continue to read full article...

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