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How Agassi Saved Medvedev’s Career

Andre Agassi’s book Open is full of fascinating insights and anecdotes, one of the most striking ones was when a former top 5 ATP player was so despressed and doubtful about his game, he was about to quit the sport at just 24. Andrei Medvedev was not even 25 years old and ranked 100, seemingly […] Continue to read full article...

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Kathy Horvath Made US Open History

Erica “Kathy” Horvath may not have won any Grand Slam titles but she did leave her mark on pro tennis with two history-making feats. The most famous exploit by Horvath was her shocking win vs. then unbeaten (36-0) Martina Navratilova at the French Open in 1983, Martina’s only loss in that entire year. Horvath, who […] Continue to read full article...

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Back in 2001 after the Indian Wells incident, where the crowd booed the Williams family for suspecting a family fix was in play when Venus withdrew from her semifinal vs Clijsters shortly before the match was about to be played, stiffing the public who paid top dollar for their tickets. Allegations of racism were charged against the white fans who booed the Williams family. But WTA world no. 1 at the time Martina Hingis bravely asserted that being black was actually an advantage for the Williams sisters... Continue to read full article...



Pro Tennis Pioneer Al G. Hill Jr (1945-2017)

asheroof By Scoop Malinowski Entrepreneur, philanthropist and tennis pioneer Al G. Hill Jr. died in his sleep at his Highland Park, Texas home on December 2. He was 72. Hill was the oldest grandson of legendary Texas oilman H.L. Hunt In his lifetime, Hill was an oilman, developer, feature-film producer, charter-jet operator and thoroughbred racehorse owner. But he is best known in tennis circles for expanding tennis into the professional era. Continue to read full article...

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