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Serena said age 38 was her limit as a pro

Researching old Serena Williams press conference interviews for my book Facing Serena Williams, I found this interesting exchange with the Wimbledon media ten years ago… Serena was asked after winning Wimbledon in 2010, 63 62 vs Zvonareva, if she would still be playing at age 38? Serena Williams:  “38?” Question: Yeah. Serena Williams:  “If I […] Continue to read full article...

It’s always a very grateful feeling to learn a reader is enjoying your book. Jeanius emailed me to say she is happy so far reading Facing Serena Williams and being that the tennis circuit is in a state of suspended animation, I decided to turn it into a story appreciating Serena Williams, who let’s not […] Continue to read full article...



The Man Who Taught Maria And Serena How To Box

A couple of years ago I finally picked up Maria Sharapova’s book “Unstoppable.” It was a superb read with many surprises and highlights. One particular highlight was a photo Maria placed in the book, it was of her at age eight boxing with the renowned Sarasota boxing coach Harold Wilen. I know Wilen from the […] Continue to read full article...

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Serena Will Win AO

Serena Williams has never wanted to win a major as much as this Australian Open. She has been thwarted four times in a row in major finals, torturously denied of breaking the all time major title record she currently shares with Margaret Court (23). Serena is showing her most intense beast mode already in January, […] Continue to read full article...

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Could Serena Be Finished?

By Scoop Malinowski It's a miracle that Serena Williams has lasted as long as she has on the WTA Tour. Her body is not conducive to playing such an physically demanding sport as pro tennis for as long as she has. Even players like Brian Baker, Guga Kuerten and Jamie Hampton had their careers shortened because their bodies simply broke down. Continue to read full article...




Facing Serena Williams/Facing Steffi Graf Book

Finally I finished this project, which is a double book, a flip book, with two front covers, the back half (Steffi) is upside down. It's 188 pages with tons of insights about what it's like to play Serena and Steffi Here's a quick excerpt... Andrea Temesvari: "She beat everybody really fast. And all the tournament directors were kind of prepared when they put her on, obviously the center court, it will be a short match. She beat everybody like under thirty, thirty-five minutes. 60 61, 61 61. I think some of them even in nineteen or twenty minutes. Continue to read full article...




Serena Should Hire Spadea As Her New Coach

By Scoop Malinowski There comes a time in the life of a tennis champion that changes must be made. For Serena Williams that time is now. She's lost her last two major finals at Wimbledon and US Open and endured the embarrassing episode of having her coach Patrick Mouratoglou contradict her insistence that she was not being coached by him. Continue to read full article...


By Scoop Malinowski In boxing and tennis, I have learned, the champions often pick bits and pieces of former champions and use those attributes and qualities to create their own unique persona. Mike Tyson famously, and admittedly, emulated the fierce passion and fury of Roberto Duran and Jack Dempsey. Iron Mike also admired the way Dempsey would help to raise up his fallen conquests after beating them, an ultimate show of sportsmanship and class, and he added that unlikely gesture to his persona. Continue to read full article...

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By Scoop Malinowski Patrick Mouratoglou is now a prominent tennis figure because of his renowned tennis academy in France and his coaching association with the greatest female player in history, Serena Williams. He is charming, intelligent, handsome with a nice accent and way with words. He serves as an excellent mouthpiece for the Serena camp. As far as coaching, actual coaching, it's hard to say just how good of a coach he really is. Continue to read full article...




The Gods Who Lord Over Tennis

federer 12604831_10206883741065310_3371079584721567534_o By Scoop Malinowski There are two Gods who Lord over professional tennis. One is so ominpotent that even when she's ranked outside of the top ten after a long hiatus, the current world no. 1 fully concedes that she is not the best and that the Goddess is. Continue to read full article...


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