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Tennis Needs A Ryder Cup

By Scoop Malinowski There’s something very special and original about the USA vs Europe Ryder Cup, how passionate and intense the competitors and supporters are about it is astounding, exciting and inspiring. Tennis fumbled away the declining Davis Cup by changing the format for the worse. Laver Cup tried to be Ryder Cup but it […] Continue to read full article...

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Laver Cup Overshadowed by Ryder Cup

By Scoop Malinowski The Laver Cup started off with a big bang three years ago, featuring Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. The highlight moment had to be seeing those three titans interacting and supporting each other and playing doubles. But now the Laver Cup has lost the lifeblood element of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic who all […] Continue to read full article...


By Scoop Malinowski Like Dan, I’m not much of a golf fan, but my favorite event is the Ryder Cup, which is a bi-annual USA vs Europe team event, currently being contested in Chaska, Minnesota. The intensity of this golf clash of titans is above and beyond what we see in the regular golf majors […] Continue to read full article...

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