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Radek Stepanek: Farewell to a Tennis Legend

rstep By Scoop Malinowski Radek Stepanek turned pro in 1996 and struggled for five years as a doubles journeyman until November 2001 when he approached Petr Korda asking how he could improve his game. Korda responded, "I will help you but you will listen to everything and I guarantee to you that you will be ranked in the top 70." Stepanek listened to Korda's advice and inspiration. He began 2002 ranked 547 and finished at 63. That was just the beginning. Continue to read full article...



Watching Stepanek Practice Today at IMG

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Though it was a Sunday, Radek Stepanek trained today at IMG Academy. The 38 year old who turned pro in 1995 walked onthe the court at 11 am. He did an extensive warmup with a lot of agility and flexibility exercises. One man observing the court commented, "Hey Radek how do you stay in such great shape?" Stepanek responded with a smile, "Young girlfriends." Eventually Stepanek started to hit with Christian Harrison. They did normal baseline hitting and then volleys and overheads. Then they took a break and Pat Harrison (father of Christian and Ryan), who was also on the court (and seems to be the main pro coach now at IMG) asked Stepanek what he wanted to do next. The former ATP no. 8 ranked player (in 2006) replied that he wanted to be fed balls and hit inside out forehands at an orange cone target. Continue to read full article...

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Paes and Stepanek Just Crushed The Bryans

By Scoop Malinowski A masterclass performance by Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek. They moved the match to court one because Maria and Caro went long. I get there at 3-2 Paes/Step and they are up a break already. The court is packed, I mean jam packed. Paes and Step beat the Bs in Australian final […] Continue to read full article...

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