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  Katie Swan stepped up to the service line, it was match point 40-30 at 5-3 in the third against Deborah Chiesa. At the line, about to serve Swan suddenly began to lightly cough, as if to clear her throat. It made me cough to clear my throat, hoping she would fix her physical malfunction at the most inopportune moment. Continue to read full article...

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My Day At US Open Qualies

Arrived after 1, Djokovic was supposed to be in the new Armstrong but he didn't show up. The new Louie is terrific, sunken low, no wind, well shaded, enclosed so it will get loud. It's a very sufficient replacement for the old grandstand which everyone loved. The only thing left for the US Open to do to the grounds which are perfect is to recreate the old grandstand. I recommend the USTA dig up the old blueprints of the old grandstand and rebuild a new one, complete with Aces restaurant with hamburgers on the menu, so the smell wafts through the arena. If there is one way the US Open can be better - it's rebuilding the exact old grandstand which was according to SI, the greatest seat in tennis. Continue to read full article...

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