I Want My Tennis Channel!

Tennis Channel, the station that brings coverage of all the four majors in the sport plus 70 tournaments and Davis Cup, has been blacked out to millions in the New York-area. This occurred at the start of the second week of the U.S. Open when the network cut its access to two of the largest cable networks in the country, Cablevision and Verizon Fios. As part of the National Cable Televison Cooperative (NCTC), Cablevision and Verizon both aired Tennis Channel until September 4 of last year when Tennis Channel pulled its feed off of the two cable giants, “demanding significantly higher fees,” said Cablevision in a statement.

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I’ve seen a lot of exciting players play. I remember watching Arthur Ashe, and while he was conservative in demeanor and appearance, certainly early in his career (he did have his later period where he grew his Afro out and wore a beaded necklace), he had a pretty flashy game. He liked to spank his forehand and backhand and rush the net.

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