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Will the ATP Balance of Power Ever Shift?

  By Scoop Malinowski Double Australian Open champion Johan Kriek is puzzled. He can't understand why the Big Three of men's tennis are still dominating the sport. "The changing of the guard has happened on the WTA. Naomi Osaka is the new superstar and a couple of “supporting actors” are pushing past the former champions now. That is great for WTA tennis. Continue to read full article...

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The New Nadal

Rafael Nadal has transformed himself into a new form of a tennis demolition machine and this one may be more destructive than the previous one. Nadal is playing more aggressive tennis this year, attempting to end the points earlier now with laser beam forehands down the line and the backhand is also blasted with more […] Continue to read full article...


By Scoop Malinowski My friend Harry Cicma, a former Rutgers tennis player and ATP ranked professional texted me that today was the greatest day of tennis he had ever seen. It's quite possible tennis reached another echelon today as the ATP heavyweights staged another epic display of jaw-dropping tennis. Continue to read full article...

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Nadal on path to surpass Federer

NadalFrenchOpengood We all know Roger Federer has won 20 majors and Rafa Nadal is at 16 and apparently on the verge of 17, if he can sustain his prolific red clay form which seems to be getting better each year. But in the shadows of the obvious are some intriguing truths. Federer has played 21 more majors than Rafa and won only four more (72-51; 20-16). Continue to read full article...

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Nadal’s Injury

rafana Controversy continues at the AO By J.Belcourt Melbourne, Australia - Controversy continued at the Australian Open following the shock exit of world no.1 Rafael Nadal in his quarter-final matchup against world no6. Marin Cilic. In what can only be described as ‘unfortunate’ circumstances, the Spaniard dramatically announced his retirement citing a leg injury in the fifth set decider whilst trailing 3-6,6-3,6-7,6-2,0-2. Prior to this point, Nadal had won the first and third sets but had taken a medical time out in the fourth set when faced 1-4 down. When questioned about the injury onset, the 31 year was surprisingly vague in his answer and only recalls experiencing fatigue in the lead-up. He explained “I am very sorry but I really cannot remember now. Start to feel the muscle little bit tired in the third, but playing normal, no limits, no limitation. Then in the fourth at one movement, one drop-shot I think, I felt something, but I didn’t realize how bad, how bad was what’s going on in that moment.” Continue to read full article...

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rafana By Scoop Malinowski The rivalry of Federer vs Nadal is one of the greatest in tennis and perhaps sports history. These two titans have had dozens of epic duels on all surfaces in just about all of the biggest arenas of tennis. Yet not once has there ever existed even a hint of any dislike, resentment, personal grudge or anger between the two. Their battles have always been the utmost displays of fine sportsmanship meshed with violent, beautiful tennis pitting a bloodthirsty bull against the greatest matador of all time. Continue to read full article...

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How Has Nadal Improved?

rafangk By Scoop Malinowski One of the popular player lines you hear repeated a lot today is that they want to improve something in their game each day. But thinking about it, how can a player practice and work on aspects of his or her game and actually concretely know if they actually did improve or regress or stay exactly the same? Continue to read full article...




Early US Open Preview

unnamed Preview of US open With all due respect to Montreal, Cincinnati, Winston Salem, the world of tennis prioritizes the four Grand Slam tournaments. Less than a month away now, all sights are set on the fourth and final tourney, the US Open... Roger Federer With his recent Wimbledon victory against Marin Cilic, Federer broke the number of wins at Wimbledon. Given this feat it is not surprising that Federer is one of the top contenders to win at the US Open. This year, Federer has not only won at Wimbledon but also at the Australian Open. Many have been shocked by Federer’s success given his age and injuries. If he can win at the US Open, he will capture 3 of the 4 Grand Slam titles for a total of 20 over his successful career. Continue to read full article...

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Did Connors and Agassi Alter The Tennis Universe?

220px-Agassi-Auopen2005Everyone in tennis is struck by how the younger #NEXTGEN players have struggled so mightily to make inroads into the ATP Elite pantheon - and marveled at how the older players continue to improve and maintain their dominant ways. Continue to read full article...

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Biofile Frances Tiafoe Interview

tiafoe DOB: January 20, 1998 In: Hyattsville, MD Ht: 6-2 Wt: 175 First Tennis Memory: "Being a little kid, playing, hitting on the wall at College Park, where I grew up." Tennis Inspirations: "Guys that were playing at the club like Denis Kudla who was great in their years when they were young, Junior Ore, Mitchell Frank. They were big role models for me and I still look up to them." Last Book Read: "Of Mice And Men (John Steinbeck)." First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered: "Juan Martin Del Potro at the Legg Mason, it used to be called (now Citi Open). I got his autograph and I snuck into the lounge and I was talking to him a little bit. And I was young. I just said Hi and he said Hi back. That was enough for me at that time [smiles]. I was ten." Continue to read full article...

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