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US Open Inside Scoops

Andy Murray is not too happy with Fernando Verdasco who he claims received illegal coaching in the locker room after a break during their four setter yesterday in the sweltering day heat. Then it was revealed by Michael Dickson of the Daily Mail that Marcos Bagdhatis witnessed Verdasco taking an ice bath in the locker room to help him cool off from the brutal heat. Continue to read full article...

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Did You Bring the Medal, Andy?

That was the question posed to Andy as he stepped off the practice court only a couple of hours before his first match of the Rogers Cup with Flavio Cippola. "No, I didn't," is all Murray said. But he was all smiles as he practiced 1 against 2 with his regular partner, the guy who looks like a miniature Tommy Haas, and Ross Hutchins, the doubles player. Continue to read full article...




Musings From Monte Carlo

Yes, I'm lying here on the beach right now--rocky as it is. (What's with the French Riviera beaches? Why are they so rocky...and--gosh--why are the women walking around topless? Isn't there a law against this kind of shocking thing in France? These women would be in the slammer in the good ole US of A.) No, no, no, no, no, even I can't pull off this ruse. I am actually in Norwalk, Ct. this morning. But a good friend from the ITF is supposedly going to get me tickets for the French Open so I'm looking forward to possibly going to Roland Garros for the second time next month. Continue to read full article...


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