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Will Spadea Stage a Comeback?

He’s been essentially out of the game since last year’s Wimbledon when he won his last ATP match, a first-round, straight-setter against a lower Chilean player. But on Sunday, after basically teaching tennis to CEO’s and celebrities in Los Angeles, Spadea played in the qualis of the Carson Challenger against a young American, Michael Venus, and won the first set and had chances in the second before succumbing 6-1 in the third.

Spadea had forsaken working out in a gym or on a track for the better part of six months, so after the Venus match he said he got up the next day and could barely walk. But he forced himself to go to the gym and he did a weight workout like he used to do when he was top-20 in the world. Today, he said he’s going to get back on the treadmill. He’s playing the qualis of Ojai this weekend and Sacramento the following and then will come east to play the qualis of Newport.

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