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TAG: Have you ever tried a Volkl racquet?

I first started playing tennis seriously in 1997 with a warped, green Spaulding. I discovered Volkl racquets about two years later. It happened by chance, really. After a 3.5 league match win, I played with a total stranger one Saturday afternoon at Van Saun Park and Mike became a close friend, one of my best friends actually. Back then, he knew the guy at Tennis Outlet in Hackensack, who used to lend him racquets to try out. I tried one of his used Volkls - a purple C9 something and instantly liked it, and bought it a few weeks later. It lasted a year or two before it proved to be no match for a frustrated smash on concrete. For years my bag was filled with various Wilsons, Heads, Dunlops, a crazy mix of all kinds of head sizes. Continue to read full article...

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